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HiveMuse Gallery Launch and Exhibition

. . The HiveMuse Collective (@HiveMuseum) has launched its galleries within Virtual Rare Art Festival Weekend (@RareArtFest). This is a massive launch that consists of 55 Artists, 4 galleries, and nearly 100 pieces of art. . .

. . As I hop into the first location, Hive Lounge, I will see a fantastic stage with /paradoxxartist art as the background. On the launch day, there were several live performances in the launch event, HiveMuse Gallery noted that almost 65 people have hopped into the Lounge. This is remarkable!!! . .

. . On top of the stage floor, there are 2 more floors to exhibit the arts from fellow artists, such as /rhyolight, /latent.dream, /tgrsrg, etc. The mixture of white, green, and black colors dominate the Hive Lounge, as some arts are arranged proportionally to give an introduction vibe before the guests enter the other locations. . .

. . The beehive voxel building design, which locates here, is impressive and remarkable!!! I love the feeling inside the hive. The tiny bees flying under the roof, it's like I'm part of the colony ;). This voxel building consists of arts from several well-known artists. The arts are inserted into the frame by frame of beehive pores? Looks so creative, amazing!! . .

. . Can't mention all of the fellow artists, but I notify some artworks are from /ZacSheridan, /Hackatao, /GalaMirissa, /An0nym0usNobody, /SilvioVieira, and /NormaXeldaJara. . .

. . In the first spot when I entered the third location, Paradoxx Gallery, the vibe presentation is changing. The purple color, the black frame, or the brown wood, gave me a luxurious feeling. . .

. . Several arts from fellow artists such as /paradoxxartist, /yetepey, /crypt0baby, etc., filled this gallery location. . .

. . The whole bee design is terrific, which makes me remembered Lego-build bee when I visited a mall. The transparent roof-top is excellent, I saw /An0nym0usNobody ads there ;) . .

. . Temple of hunt is my favorite. The Roman-style temple is coloring the voxel building and with several arts from /metageist, /spacedpainter, and /CryptoSpectr filling the temple, make the vibe is totally different, especially after visiting 3 different Hive Muse CV locations. My question is, why the statue should be placed there, in front of the lady picture? The sculpture can be put in the middle of the walking red-blue carpet, don't you guys think it would be nice? People can see the lady picture when they arrive at the end of the temple. . . With regard to the community and fellow virtual/digital/crypto artists, I apologize for any mistake or confusion in this post.



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