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Arts Showcasing at ExitmusicDCL Gallery

May 8, 2020

Today I get information on twitter from @ExitmusicDCL Gallery about a new art showcase, which happens at his DCL (Decentraland) gallery (position=23,-41). So I decided to go there directly and see what's new. Guess what I found there so that I start my first cent post? . . .

. . Several #raredigitalarts from well-known digital artist Katy Arrington. Several girl portraits in styled painting beautifully framed. Mentioning the other well-known artists with their uniquely rare digital arts such as Lucho Poletti, Alex Shell, and Moxarra Gonzales. . .

. . What makes me more excited is... . .

. . Thank you very much @ExitmusicDCL Gallery for this chance, to be there, standing with other famous artists. I love that white neon frame btw. Remarkable!!! Previous arts exhibition on March 31st, 2020

@makersplaceco x @nonfungibles were hosting an art charity auction on twitter with hashtag #covid19relief to help covid19 (novel coronavirus infection) victims/patients. This auction was held for 48 hours and collected almost $4000, which donated to globalgiving.org to fight against #COVID19. Several well-known artists for their works have participated in the #covid19relief charity auction as some names mentioned below. . .

. . and here are several moments I had capture or I got from twitter: . .

. . Tegar, as one of the participant artists, was involved in the auction by giving one of his artwork, COVID-Ra fighter, for the charity. This art surprisingly gets featured by @ExitmusicDCL gallery in virtual land @Decentraland (decentraland.org). As a newcomer, this was an excellent achievement for him to grow his own brand. . .



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